Here’s the scoop

So, to fill you in on a little more info, here’s the scoop. When I fell and broke my pelvis in 2013 (yep, it’s been an insanely brutal few years), I had a severe allergic reaction to the pain medication, which made me hallucinate big-time. I’m talking birds were flying in the house, a man’s head rolled off his body. It was getting a little cray-cray here. The pain-meds also left me with a little love gift- ringing in my ears. While the hallucinations finally subsided, the ringing did not. Told by my general doctor that there was nothing he could to help with this condition, I went to USC Medical Center. That led to a series of tests, which led to discovering a lump in my throat that landed me on a table undergoing a CT scan of my head and neck. The lump was nothing, but what they did find was a few nodules. They said it was most likely nothing, leaving out the part that the were talking about my brain and not my neck. You can imagine my surprise when I went in for my follow MRI and it was of my brain. A week later I found myself in front of a neurosurgeon, perplexed and a little confused. “Do you know why you are here, “ the neurosurgeon asked. “Well, I thought this was an issue with my neck, but since I am with you I am guessing it’s got to do with my head.” He looked right at me and said,” Honey, you have a brain tumor.” I laughed, more out of shock than finding it funny.

Most would say they stumbled across it, but God doesn’t stumble, at least not my God.

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