Follow up appointments are on the calendar

I scheduled my MRI and follow up appointment with my neurologist yesterday. We are set for October 13 and 15, respectively. Yes, it made me afraid. Even when I hung up the phone, I just wanted to crawl into someone’s arms and close my eyes. Funny, how we have these moments in life where we feel like a child again.

I’m scared, pop.

Arms would feel so safe right about now.

I tried to prepare my kids that I might be more emotional as I approach these appointments. We were driving home after  school (three different schools to be exact)“Guys, I just want to give you a heads up. I might be a little more weepy-emotional- than I usually am.” It was quiet for a second, then my middle one jumped in. “Mom, I just don’t see how that is possible. I mean really, last night you cried while we were watching the Chipmunks movie.” “Yeah,” my son quipped, “ we love you ma, but I’m not sure how much more you can cry.” Hmmm. They had a point. I started laughing as they brought up all the ridiculous things that I have cried over.  When Mulan cuts her hair and join the army.  A Johnny Test episode.(yep, definitely a low point)  Any commercial with a soldier returning home.  Oh, I love my babies. They keep me grounded, which is exactly where I need to be.

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