There is so much more to life than Bob!


Karin, my kindred spirit and bosom buddy(think Anne Shirley and Diana Barry), was looking over the blog.The thought of making my life public made me a little nauseous, so I desperately needed her feedback. I might be loud and boisterous, but when it comes to my private life I am, well, private.

“What do you think,” I asked, scrutinizing what I had written.

“Well, do you want it to be all about Bob,” she asked, taking off her glasses in a way that always makes her look way more wise than I.

“Not really, but that is where I am right now.”

“Agreed, but Alisa, you are so much more than this,” she encouraged… and ya know what, she is right.

Bob might be what is growing and stretching me, but if I were to neglect to share all of the joys I have in the midst of tragedy this would be just another sad story about a miracle waiting to happen. I read them all the time. It seems there is a new Facebook page everyday, “Praying for this person or that person.” They update the world on their latest treatments or news. My heart breaks for them, their loss, their pain. It does, but this is not all there is to me. The kids and I are silly- down right goofy- and we laugh well together. If I were only to share with you the sorrows, you would only be getting part of the story. Yes, I’m wrestling with hard issues and trying to understand how God is good in all of this. I cry. I cry quite a bit.  But, I also love well and laugh beautifully. I adore my children, my family, my friends and most of all my Lord.

This space is to share it all; how my 13-year-old son was mistaken as my boyfriend because he is 6 feet tall (that was just plain weird); how I sat in my car and cried because I was scared; how the last date I went on was so disastrous that I had to switch into ‘counselor’ mode just to help him make it through the evening; how I ran through the sprinklers of a stranger’s yard just to make my kids laugh. Only to return to the car to have them lock me out!! These are the memories that I have when I close my eyes and I see my life.

Life- joy- sorrow- ups- downs- Life

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