A Letter to one who is suffering…

In 2012 Karin and I wrote a series of books. They are letters as if God is writing directly to you. They are personal. They give Him skin. As I have struggled lately with moments that seem more than I can bear, I have found these letters to be my source of encouragement and comfort.

I have included a portion of one entitled My Song. I love this one. If you are suffering or you know of one who is, my hope is that in these words you will see life as it was meant to be. Loud. Fully turned up. Life. So, crank it up sisters… crank it up!

Feel life. Feel it.

Let the song of your life take shape. Let it ebb and flow.

For beauty can’t be felt
if life has been shut down, if the song has stopped.

You will be tempted
to turn off your song in moments of pain, not able to bear the sound of your own song; but, dear one, I beg you:
Turn it on. Turn it loud!

For how will you hear the joy when it comes in the morning? How will you hear Me?
How will you see the beauty I have in store for you?

I beg you. Don’t turn off your song. Feel again, dear one. Feel.

Let it ring loud.
Welcome the pain,
knowing that if you feel the pain,
you will as clearly feel the joy that is to come.

It is coming, dear one. That is my promise to you. Joy is coming!

Let Me tell you what my love sounds like.
My love is like a beautiful melody
that sings just so that you forget the pain
that gripped you in the stance before;
the melody of my love is that powerful, that strong.

But, dear one, if your song is turned off, how will you be able to hear it?
How will you feel my love?

So, my dear one, turn on your song. Feel again. Scream. Shout.
Feel life… and know that I am here. I am here.

Even though at times it is painful,

reach down, dear child, reach down, and turn… life… up.

And out of my lips I will utter,
“Ahhh… There it is. Here we go… Here we go.”

It’s time to live, dear one. It’s time to live.
We will do it together. Together the entire time.

Every step of the way. All the way. I am here.

Turn on your life. It’s time to live… It’s time to live.

Your Father

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