Yes, I see a therapist.

It would be easier to tell you that it’s required and I have to as part of my schooling program, but its not. They highly recommend it, but honestly, I love it. It gives me a place to get thoughts out of my head. Sometimes if we don’t speak our thoughts and feeling out, they get distorted and jumbled. Therapy isn’t something for those that are broken or weak. It doesn’t mean that God can’t work. He uses therapists all the time to bring healing, helping people get ‘unstuck’ or learn new skills that can help them maneuver through life.

I’m on a ‘as needed’ basis right now and I decided to go in for a little tune up. Yesterday we talked about how I was dealing with my appointments coming up. Not well. Freaking out. We tossed around ideas of what it would look like, receiving both good and bad news. It was hard to go there, to entertain the idea that I might need surgery, but go there we went. Ughhh, I hate pain.

Grief is so hard to face sometimes, but if God removed it all then how would we know He could rescue? If all hardship disappeared then we would have no need for a Savior. 




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