We are expecting!

I got to tag along with one of my favorite gal pals last week as she went to her doctor’s appointment. She is expecting a girl and we found out today that she will join us in 14 days.  We can’t wait her arrival!! Do you like how I put myself in the equation- ‘We’? I figured since I am along for the ride, this is to be my joy too.

If there is joy to be found, I am grabbing hold of it!

I so badly wish I were in a place that it was me, that I was the one anticipating a bundle of joy, because as we all know babies make all your problems disappear. Marriages get better. Children sing together is perfect pitch. The laundry does itself. Tumors disappear…. Okay, maybe it’s not that good, but there is something that does happen. It makes you stop and breath in beauty. A moment to look at something that has been created- crafted- untouched by this world. I always marvel how babies can rest and be still. Maybe I have something to learn from them.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Baby Claire is arriving a few days before I find out more about what Bob’s been up to.

Oh Bob, why can’t you be more like Claire? Why can’t you bring goodness and beauty? Why can’t joy be tripping at your heels? I have decided that even though you have made yourself at home for the time being, I am choosing joy. I can choose to focus on you or I can acknowledge you are there and choose to look past you and see beauty. Yes Bob, I see beauty. Baby Claire’s arrival. Having a car that works, most of the time. Love notes from my daughter. Sleepovers at my parent’s house (because you are never too old to do that). Friends and siblings who shower me with love. The list is endless and I can see it all.

I see joy, Bob, I see joy.

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