Why aren’t you writing…

Why am I not writing? Why the lack of posts?

Sometimes there is nothing to write; there is nothing to say. Sometimes it just needs to be quiet. We live in a society that thrives on noise and busyness- busyness in our lives- busyness in our thoughts. We go-go-go and our minds race-race-race. What if we were to say no more- enough? What if we were to take back moments that held silence as sacred?

So, there it is. I haven’t blogged, because it’s been quiet here. My mind has been quiet. I like that. Quiet. I move through my days enjoying my friends, laughing-chatting- sitting with them in their pains and struggles. I engage with my kids, kissing little noses and hoot and hollering at their sports games. My thoughts have been with them- present with them. Don’t’ get wrong here, I’m still  up in my head; I talk with the Lord, discussing points here or there, telling him how much I love him. I give myself little pep talks interspersed through my day, “Let’s take care of us. Let’s get some sleep, you know that activity where you actually close your eyes and rest.” But for the most part I am present, present in the moment. Fully engaged Fully there.

Sometimes we need to stop our lives and take care of ourselves, be present with ourselves. Let’s take care of ourselves, dear sisters. Even if we can only carve out little pockets of time to recharge, let us hold those times sacred.

After the kids go to bed (and sometimes before if I am in desperate need of refueling my own tank) I will take a few moments to just be. I love to grab a cup of hot tea and sit in my rocking chair on my porch. (I am convinced everyone needs a rocker) When it’s cold I will wrap myself up nice and tight in a warm blanket and sit there quietly sipping my tea. I focus on my breathing- focus on the moment. As my little one likes to remind me, ” inhale Jesus and exhale worries”, and she is right. I inhale love and exhale anger. I inhale trust and exhale control. Inhale. Exhale. I slow life down and just ‘be’ in the moment.

Sisters, find these moments to just be; to be quiet; to be present; to just be you. It is in these moments, dear sisters, that you will see that life is truly beauty-full.


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