The celebration continues!

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I was running late to school. My professor knows that I’m always a few minutes late because I have to make my rounds with my gang… quick kisses and prayers and out they go. I try to make sure I don’t start driving away until their bodies have completely left the vehicle. It’s been close a few time. “Maaaahm. I’m not even out.” I squish up my face and offer a half grin, “Sorry love.” Oh they give me so much grace.

I headed into class a little out of breath and was caught off guard by a huge breakfast spread. What’s this… donuts, croissants, Nutella (jackpot- I’m obsessed with Nutella), fruit, coffee and more.  

They started cheering when they saw me.

They clapped and yelled and hooped and hollered. This was for me. I slowly nodded my head and let myself take it all in.  Breath deep, dear one, and take it all in (I could hear him say) let me show you how I love. 

My buddy Drew got up and shared with the cohort (40 of us in all) the details from my doctor’s appointment. “And Bob,” he admonished as he held up a paper plate with a face drawn on it, “we are saying it’s time for you to go.” He ripped Bob in half and then again. “Hand a piece to Alisa,” someone shouted. Drew handed me a piece and I fiercely ripped it to shreds as we all laughed. Drew led the group in a time of prayer and all I could do was sit and receive. This was my moment to be seen and to be cared for by my community.

You see, dear sisters, life goes so fast. Fast lanes- fast food- fast… and we can often miss what we were made for-relationship. We were meant to live in community, to have a safe place where we are known and loved. Life was NEVER meant to be traveled alone. 




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