What if we made room

This is a little something that I scribbled down a few weeks ago. I have a habit of doing this- scribbling. There are moments that I find myself overwhelmed with emotion. I have learned if I stop and pause life- sit on a bench, pull my car off to the side of the road, lock myself in the closet- words begin to pour out of me.

“I don’t have time to just pull over to the side of the road,” you may retort and I, completely understanding that life doesn’t always work that way, would nod in agreement. “I know,” I would argue back, “but if we never leave space then we are cheating ourselves out of all the goodness that lies underneath. Loving ourselves begins with leaving room to learn who we truly are.”

I wonder what would happen, dear sisters, if we made room for what was simmering underneath…


Why can’t I stop feeling that today

Beauty. Goodness

Such purity and goodness

Why am I stuck on that

I can feel it, like it’s lingering in the air today. All is still

Something sacred

There it is

Goodness is present in the sacred moment

Talking of death

Talking about this being traumatic either way-whatever the news

Knowing I have no choice but to walk through this, but how I handle that walk

Now, in that I do have a choice


Oh Lord the sweetness of being able to hold onto you in the moment

Stopping and looking and being able to see that you are real and breathing and alive

Maybe that is why your breath has always enchanted me…

Because your breath means you are alive and you are near


Near to the broken hearted

Near to the faint at heart

Near to those who call upon your name and those who don’t know you are near


Oh Lord my heart aches. I weep for those who have never felt your breath.

I weep for those who have never experienced that moment-that realization- that you are so very near.




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