This was me today… and this is what my mom did.



Yep. This is exactly what I felt like today. Done.

Yesterday was bursting at the seams. My day didn’t end until well past ten o’clock, only to have to wake up to another jam-packed day. Now, I am not feeling sorry for myself  because I’m the one packing it, but with school, seeing clients and three kids I sometimes just want to scream. Scream that I seriously need like three of me. Scream that I am the luckiest girl that I get to be exactly where I am. Or maybe just scream because it feels so stinkin good to just scream for no reason. (you really have to try this)

I had my eyes on the finish line, bedtime was hours away. I started my rounds,  picking up Alex from school, cheering Brooke on at her volleyball game, meeting another mom to grab Jake. I think I can do this, you know engage with my kids and nod my head enough times that they feel like we are connected and that I am listening, even though on days like today, there is really zero brain functioning going on.

Oh dear sisters, we can’t connect with them all the time. Sometimes we just have those days we need to make it through without a bomb going off. I started to waver. I am not sure I can do this today. Dinner, homework, clean up. 

And then I got the text. It was  Mimi (Mims- pronounced meems- for short) My mom was bringing over dinner. What!! Like, for real? Oh Hallelujah. Oh sweet Jesus. I am going to make it through this day. (It’s funny, I always start talking to him when I have these kind of  moments. I suppose it’s because I see Him in the midst of them. I picture Him slipping his hands into her hands)

An hour later in she walked with real meat sauce and  pasta and garlic loaves and caramel apples. My kids cheered. I cheered.  Bliss. 

You see,  what was simple and little to her- this kind act-  meant the world to me. It meant I was seen. It meant I was cared for and loved.

And this got me thinking, dear sisters, if we were to look around us who would we find that  just needs to be seen? Who around us would be blown away to be treated to Starbucks or a meal dropped off or a love note that acknowledged a hard season.  Simple. Little…. but incredibly powerful. I am challenging myself. I am challenge you. Who needs to see Christ with skin on this week?

One thought on “This was me today… and this is what my mom did.

  1. you sweet girl, it was my joy to lighten the load a bit and let you know that you are on my radar!!! I love you , honey, and am so proud of you@!!! Love, Mom,,aka, Mims


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