One of my favorite moments in therapy…

This is by far one of my favorite moments when I was seeing a therapist and it went something like this:

Therapist: So, it sounds like you felt like you didn’t fit into your family when you were growing up. (typical shrink question, right?)

Me: Yeah, I didn’t. But, I’m pretty sure it was my issue. I was kinda a train wreck.

Therapist: What do you mean a train wreck?

Me: Well, I was unpredictable and emotional. By the time I got to college I was pretty rebellious and a little bit of a loose cannon.

Therapist: You know you just smiled when you said that. (I hate it when they are so observant)

(chuckling a little)

Me:  I think that’s because I have mellowed quite a bit. Life has a way of doing that to you, but I still see that in me.

Therapist: You mean, rebellious and a loose cannon.

Me: Yeah, but in a good way.

We sat quietly for a little bit. I was flooded with memories of my antics over the years. I giggled to myself as I recollected on how feisty I was, even as a little girl.

Therapist: You know, I get the feeling that you really like that you are a little bit of a loose cannon.

Silent. More memories. Silent.

(slowly nodding, my mouth widening into a soft grin)

Me: I think you are right. I really do.

Inhale acceptance. Exhale contempt

I had finally made peace with who I was.


And that dear sisters, is the moment I realized there was no mistake in the way He made me.

For where He has placed me, for what He has called me to do… I was beautifully and wonderfully made. 



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