Plain Ol’ Me

 2013-02-24 18.12.24

1. Me likes to post without proofreading. I wish I could tell you that it’s because life is incredibly  hectic and I’m exhausted and that I couldn’t possibly make time to proof, but the truth is, I probably wouldn’t do it anyways. I’m still to impulsive for that. I know- weakness. Total weakness and I am working on it… kinda.

2. Me likes to use way too many hyphens. I am obsessed with them.

3. Me doesn’t need to embellish what I write about because my life is, well, colorful. I don’t try to make it happen. It just does. Falling of treadmills (totally not my fault), breaking my pelvis (definitely not my fault), Bob (again… nothing to do with it), three crazy kids (ooooh, yeah, that’s all me. Gotta own that one)

4. Me laughs at all the mistakes I make. (I am guessing this is directly linked to #1) Holy cow, there’s a lot of them. Notice the title of the Facebook Page- ‘time’ isn’t even capitalized and I just used another hyphen, for crying out loud.

5. Me wants you to know that I will try my best to respond when you write, but I can’t be responsible for what I say. I’m usually writing in the wee hours of the night,  which means I’m deliriously tired so it will either come off sounding compassionate and caring or like I’m drunk. Just giving you a heads up.

Having said that…

6. Me just wants to say thank you and please keep sharing! Thank you for all the messages, words of encouragement and stories of your own. I’m so grateful when you take to time to share your hardships. It is humbling and healing to be welcomed into your place of hurt and loss.

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