Weddings- What if the Lord were to attend.

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I drove up to Oakhurst this past weekend to celebrate my friend Annie. She was getting married. Annie and I have been friends since college. She’s one of those friends where you pick up when you left off. I love that.

I don’t know what it is about weddings, but I love them, like totally gushy girl love them.  I love everything about them. I love the beautiful flowers and the color and the music. I love the dancing… Oh how I  love the dancing.  I’ve learned to wear black to weddings not because I am mourning the loss of a friend, but because I sweat so much. It’s just gross, like dripping off my chin gross.

I’m a wedding cake snob. I love insanely savory wedding cake. Moist and light, it melts in your mouth and the frosting doesn’t’ leave a film in your mouth. (I know, I have given this way too much thought).

I love people’s creativity. I remember my cousin, Monica, had a table set aside for everyone to splurge on her favorite food- donuts. Jackpot. I love candy tables where guests can grab a little baggy and scoop to their hearts content. Feeling like I am in the make believe world of  Willy Wonka,  I jam my little sachet with every morsel possible,  the pieces of sweets  literally falling out the top. It’s embarrassing, really. 

I am mesmerized by twinkle lights and candles and find myself transported into fantasy world where everybody is happy and everything is beautiful. Pure bliss. Pure splendor…

and I love these moments because I get a glimpse of what heaven will be like- intense joy- intense beauty. I am reminded how often God uses weddings-wedding feast- and the bride and groom to explain how He feels towards us and towards the church.

And so I found myself this weekend, sitting for a moment, taking it all in and wondering what it would be like to meet him, my Lord,  face-to-face in this kind of setting. Talking across the table, sharing a bottle of wine, dancing with him, me in a beautiful wedding down, Him beaming from ear to ear, his eyes set aflame.

I know it sounds strange. Even as I write I am aware of that, but if the stories in the Bible are real and his friends got to experience life with him, then I want the same… and I want to dance with him.

I picture us  slowly moving across the floor as Louis Armstrong croons softly in the background. He holds me tight.

It’s not sexual- just safe. Intense love. Intense Him. Intense joy. I can rest now… I am in his arms.

If we are to spend all of eternity with him, dear sisters, then I want to start now. 

3 thoughts on “Weddings- What if the Lord were to attend.

  1. Great blog, honey! I hope this goes through this time, haven’t had much luck in the past. First, thanks for remembering Monica’s wedding…..good memory! Also, have you read Tim Hansel’s “You Gotta Keep on Dancin'”; a great read. Lastly, in the word “Guidance”, I’ve been told it’s like “God, U and I
    Dance”; neat, huh? God’s continued blessings and healing, Alisa. Love you!


    • Hi Aunt Irene!
      Thanks for sharing. Love the part of guidance… so cool. I changed the settings on commenting, so it should be easier. Still new to all this blogging stuff. Thank you for supporting me through this journey!


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