To the lady at Panera Bread

To the lady at Panera Bread,

I just want you to know you were seen this morning. I sat at the table across from you and your two girls. Taking a break form working on my thesis, I must admit you caught my eye.

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What if we made room

This is a little something that I scribbled down a few weeks ago. I have a habit of doing this- scribbling. There are moments that I find myself overwhelmed with emotion. I have learned if I stop and pause life- sit on a bench, pull my car off to the side of the road, lock myself in the closet- words begin to pour out of me.

“I don’t have time to just pull over to the side of the road,” you may retort and I, completely understanding that life doesn’t always work that way, would nod in agreement. “I know,” I would argue back, “but if we never leave space then we are cheating ourselves out of all the goodness that lies underneath. Loving ourselves begins with leaving room to learn who we truly are.”

I wonder what would happen, dear sisters, if we made room for what was simmering underneath…

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The celebration continues!

photo 3

photo 2

I was running late to school. My professor knows that I’m always a few minutes late because I have to make my rounds with my gang… quick kisses and prayers and out they go. I try to make sure I don’t start driving away until their bodies have completely left the vehicle. It’s been close a few time. “Maaaahm. I’m not even out.” I squish up my face and offer a half grin, “Sorry love.” Oh they give me so much grace. Continue reading

Why I turned down prayer

Do you ever act in a way that catches you off guard? “Uhhh… Why did I just do that?”

We were sitting in the office waiting for Dr. Chu to come in. Karin very quietly asked, “Do you want to pray together before the doctor comes in?” I paused for a moment, and declined. I shook my head. There was no look of shock, no scolding or raised eyebrows. She just gently nodded her.

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Dating 101

love1If you are single, I encourage you to keep reading, for you will be encouraged, dear sisters.

If you are married, I encourage you to keep reading, because you have single friends whose lives are not like yours. They need your understanding. They need you to take the time to learn what it is like to walk in their shoes- as a single woman- as a single mom.  Continue reading