A quiet mind

It was just one of those weeks, so full, so chaotic and as much as I wanted to write, there was nothing welling up inside. When I write it’s because I am passionate, passionate about my babes, passionate about women knowing they are beautiful and have value, passionate about sharing what it is like to struggle- struggle with life and struggle with God.

Come’on, I kept thinking, I want to write. 

Nothing. Papers due. Kids sports. Running here- actually racing- racing here. Racing there. Birthdays. Doctor’s appointments. Another date with the same great guy. Still nothing. I’ve got nothing. Nothing welling up inside.

I was laying in bed one night staring at the ceiling thinking to myself, what is going on here, my mind is so quiet.  And then it hit me, my mind is quiet.  A smile crept across my face. My mind was quiet and it felt wonderful. I recalled to mind a time I was begging for my mind to be quiet. My twenties and early thirties were wrought with fear. I was restless. My body would rest, but my mind never would.  On and on it would go, running through every scenario possible. I would analyze what I said and what I did.

I assessed the past and panicked over the future.

Over the past few years I have come to enjoy a quiet mind. Peaceful. Silent.

You see, dear sisters, as much as I wish I could fill every day with words I must leave room for my mind to be silent, to let my mind rest in Him.

I must let it ebb and flow. I would rather not write for the sake of writing, but write because there is a passion welling up inside, so intensely, so strong, that I feel compelled I must write or I would burst. Isn’t that what passion is?

So, I encourage you, dear sisters, let life be silent at times, for it is in those quiet moments that we often discover our passions. These are the thoughts we can’t shake, they surface and resurface. When we leave room, they become so apparent.

What are you passionate about, dear sisters? What has God designed you for? Discover what that is, then do it! You were made for a purpose and when you are there, right smack dab in the middle of it, you can’t help but sing out; This is exactly what I was made for! It’s like you were designed- fashioned-just for this.

Oh Lord, how beautiful your design. May we never cease to be amazed by how you craft us.


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