God is good. All the time… (Part 2)

Dear sisters,

In the previous post I questioned; Is God good? Is He good all the time?  I wanted to share with you how I was able to move through that brutal season in my life. I wrote a few paragraphs and then there it was, His gentle nudge. It wasn’t right. So I erased it and started over. A few lines in, there it was again, a gentle nudge. Okay, maybe not so gentle this time. A thump is more like it, and I knew. Delete. All of it. Again .

I have come to learn His ways are usually way better than mine, like brilliant, so I  decided I was better off to stop typing and just sit. And then it slowly rose to the surface…  when Karin and I wrote the books it was all in letter form. That was it. A letter. A letter, as if He is writing directly to you. So here it goes, dear sisters:


To  you who know me and to you who don’t,

Come. Sit near me, dear ones, and let me tell you what I am like, for in doing this, you will come to learn that I am a God that is good.

I am good because it is who I am. I am good. Yes, I am good. It is who I am.

If you were to call yourself by another name, no one would respond to you with that name. Why? Because that is not who you are. They would look oddly at you and say to you, “Why would I call you that? That is not your name. No, I must refer to you by what I know  you as,” and they would use your given name.

The same is true for Me. I am good. That is my name. All my ways are good.  To refer to me as anything else would not be Me. Whether your experience of Me portrays I am good or not, I am.

I want you to hear me say this clearly; whether your experience of me suggest that I am good or not does not establish who I am.

What determines if I am good is whether or not you believe my Word and who I say  that I am.

I am challenging you on this, because often your perception of what takes place is filtered through years of hurt and injustice. Your hurt will often taints how you see the world around you and what is attributed to Me.

Dear one, I want you to hear me clearly when I say that you are mine and that I love you. I created you so that I could fall in love with you, and you- you, my dear one- would have the choice to love me back.

You were made for intimacy with me and I did it because I … am… good.

I loved you. yes, you. I have loved you from the very beginning of time, a concept you can’t even imagine or comprehend. Your minds were not created in a fashion ot understand all that I am, but I am telling  you this so you can hear the depths at which I love.

Dear ones, it is important that you seek me out, for in seeking me out you will find that not only am I loving but I am, indeed, good.

You may ask what good looks like. Let Me tell you, loved ones, let Me speak.

Good means that I give and you receive. Good means that you receive what I give you and you turn around and give my goodness to others. Picture a line of people, each pouring a cup of water into the mouth of the one next to him. I refresh you. You refresh others. That is goodness, dear one. When you look around and see one another taking care of each other, that is my goodness.

Some recognize it as such, others have mistaken it as their own, but nonetheless, it is I.

For all goodness is a sign that I am at work around you. Yes, I am at work. My goodness still shows. It does, dear one.

This is my challenge for you today. Look around. Really look.

Slow down your pace and look, for in doing so you cannot help but see it- goodness- my goodness. A glimpse here. A flash there. Look, child, and you will see. In every fingerprint I lay, my goodness is visible.

If you have questions, bring them to Me.

If you wonder what I am like, come sit. Sit with me. Learn to hear my voice. Learn to know what I sound like and in time, you will shake your head in amazement, fully- completely- in awe of my goodness.

That is Me, dear one, full of grace, full of goodness. It is who I am.


Your Father.


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