Hurray for clean days!!!

I LOVE days like today.

The car is clean. Check. House is clean. Check. Fridge is stocked. Check. Laundry is done and put away. Check.Check.

And I feel amazing, like for one brief moment all is well in the universe. I skip around, so pleasant and happy.  I love clean, like really love clean.

It’s such a rare occurrence that everything is neat and tidy all at the same time, and I just want to yell Freeze! Nobody move. Don’t touch a thing.

I hate that ‘clean’ is so fleeting. Noooo… come back, I want to yell.

The car starts looking like someone is permanently living in it. The laundry keeps rolling in at a rate I can’t keep up with and the piles in the house begin to form large mountain ranges that need to be scaled… and there we are, dear sisters, right back where we started. MESS. Ughhh. I hate mess. 

So I sat there today, thinking of my clean car and my clean house and my clean laundry. At first my brows fell low as my thoughts formed,  Make it stay this way. Can’t it just stay this way just for a few weeks.

And then I felt Him, his gentle nudge once again and in some weird way, I had a sense of what He would say and I responded. Oh, your right. If there were no mess in the house, no dirty clothes, no junky car then my life would be empty- empty of my kiddies, empty of family, empty of friends. Empty. 

Oh Lord, how different life would look if no one ever sat in my car, if my house never had visitors. 

You see, dear sisters, what He showed me today was that you can’t have a beautiful life full of rich relationships without it getting a little messy. Messy homes. Messy car. Messy relationships…. because we are messy people. And, clean would not be as wonderful as clean is if there was  no mess to clean up.

Messy means we are living, dear sisters. Living. Beautifully living. 


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