Taking back the pockets

I’ve decided that some of my most restful and reflective times are in the pockets.  You know, the pockets of time in between work and kids and errands, those little moments between life.

They are the 10 minutes we wait in the drive-through line, picking our kids from school. The 5 minutes we are told it will take for a hot cheese pizza to finish baking. The brief moments in the car or walking from our desk to the bathroom or standing idly in line at Starbucks. 

I have often wondered what we could fill with all of these pockets. What if those were meant to be life’s sweetest moments and we have filled them all with distractions? What if we have become so uncomfortable with ourselves that we have filled every nook and cranny with texts and Facebook and Instagram and ….

So, I did a big thing today. It was huge for me. I took Facebook off my phone. Now, before you even begin to be impressed, let me assure you I completely expect myself to rationalize my way into putting it back on at some point, but for now- for today-  it is off.

I did it because without realizing it I had successfully eliminated all of these pockets of time. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love hoping on my computer and checking out pictures and updates, but I began to notice I didn’t really like the way it made me feel when I looked too often. I became less content with how my life looked. Truth be told, what I thought was helping me recharge and ‘veg-out’ for a bit often ended up making me feel more fearful or lacking or insecure… Ughh I hate that one. Insecure. Even the word is awful. but there it is. I felt it.

So today off it went. I’m taking my pockets back.

Pockets to daydream. Pockets to process how I am feeling. Pockets to look around me and see who is hurting and just needs a smile or a hand. Pockets to talk with the Lord. Pockets to let my mind be silent and not think.

Oh, dear sisters, let us be aware of what fills our pockets. May we take hold of these precious moments, moments that we can learn to be alone with ourselves, moments to talk with our creator and our biggest fan. I have often wondered if that is what He meant, when He talks of endless prayer, praying without ceasing…

praying in the pockets

Perhaps it is in these pockets that He is asking us to talk- laugh- and cry with Him.

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