Who knew God was into Range Rovers

I’ve had an interesting week. John’s sisters flew into town and we all had dinner last weekend. We laughed. I laughed.

Then, the following day there was a loss in his family. Sudden. Unexpected…. and those tears of laughter quickly turned to tears of sorrow.

So much life. So much intensity….

and as I have been thinking about life and death and joy and sorrow, I had the oddest picture painted before me.

I would say it was from God. Yes, in fact, I am quite sure it was from Him, but since when does God use Range Rovers to teach us about life.

Yep… Range Rovers.

I started off this week taking my car, the oh-so awesome Dodge Journey, into the shop to be repaired.

Someone at the gym had run into the side of it. That’s right, scraped up the whole side, and it’s probably because I had a sign on my car that said, “This has been such an uneventful year, can you please hit my car”  (Bad joke, but you get the picture)

But, the sweet little man had left a note on the side apologizing and saying he would pay for it. I love it when I am reminded that people are, in deed, kind and noble. (Mel and I had a lovely chat, and I adore him already… more to come in the next post).

Back to the story, so I took my car into the shop knowing that I could borrow my parents’ car while they were in Australia. So, in went my bombed-out crayon-filled odd smelling hotel-on-wheels-car and out came the Range Rover- brand spanking new.

It even smelled new.

Now I’m not really a car person, but I did like the idea of riding in a new car, no raspberry smoothie stains on the ceiling or gum stuck permanently to the seats in the back or hidden french fries that I don’t find until they are hard enough to become a deadly weapon.

But something happened this week. Something I wasn’t expecting. Our mornings were smoother. The kids were quieter. I was even more pleasant and I am really, like really, not a morning person.

On one particular morning, we were stopped at a signal light. All was quiet. It was like we were being lulled to a blissful state of being by heated seats and back massagers. I could seriously get used to this. Everything that I have ever said bad about nice cars (and I have said a lot), I take it back. Like, I am fully taking it back. It was a slice of heaven. Totally worth the insanely outrageous price. Like, totally.

As I glanced in the rear mirror, I could see my youngest with her eyes closed; “Mom, mornings are a whole lot easier with heated seats,” she whispered, the others were nodding in agreement.

Yeah, I can’t argue with that, I thought, as I sipped my hot tea and felt the pulsing down my back.

We drove in silence for a few moments, until I cut in. Well, wait a minute… and then it happened. It’s like God draws a picture- a lesson to be learned- and it all becomes so clear.

Well, wait a minute… I am not so sure. I mean yes, it’s much warmer and easier to enjoy and yeah, well, I think we can all agree that it smells way better, but that doesn’t’ mean there isn’t joy to be found in our car- our Journe’. I pronouced it slowly, making sure to add a little spice as I referred to our car in the shop. 

They looked at me sideways, as they always do when they know I am gearing up for some sort of lesson.

I mean, we are really toasty and hot every day in that car. My son started laughing, “yeah, that’s cuz you kill us with the heater.” That’s right, I chimed in, all excited that they were catching on. And what about massages. I mean we get those over time we go over a bump. They al started giggling as we jumped up and down in the seats, mimicking what it seriously looks like when we take any sort of bump or uneven cement in our car.

You see, it may be easier to find the joy in a car like the Range Rover, but that doesn’t’ mean it’s not there in the Dodge Journey.

It’s there… it just takes a little creativity to find it.

It just takes a little creativity to find it. 

And then they caught what I was saying….

You see, dear sisters, sometimes we just think that if we had a little more money or a better job or different kids or a different spouse or a spouse, that life would have more joy. And that may be the case, that these things would definitely bring more joy or peace, because lets face it, there are somethings in life that would make it waaaay easier and faaaar more enjoyable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find it right where we are,  in the car we have now,  the job we are in, with the kids we have, the kids we don’t’ have, the partner we are with, the partner we are without… oh it may be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Dear sisters, there is always joy to be found.

Of this I am certain.


Because He tells us that when His joy is in us our joy… our joy… is complete, so that no matter our circumstances we have access to his joy.

It is to be found. He is to be found.




One thought on “Who knew God was into Range Rovers

  1. You nailed this one Alisa. Still I am praying there is both a husband AND a Range Rover in your future. God has great things in store. After all HE owns it all and you are a Child of the King!


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