Divorced (Part 1)

You know how you feel something just start welling up inside of you and even when you try to push it aside, it just keeps coming back, like that nagging person that won’t leave you alone.

Well, that’s what’s been happening lately.

I have been feeling this push inside of me, like I need to start writing a few posts on how divorce has impacted life- my kids- my parents- my family- my heart.


Ughhh… really Lord. I don’t want to, cuz  I’m doing good.  I’m like over it. It happened five years ago. 

But, the nudges didn’t stop. In fact, they grew stronger…

and I had to get my mind in line with my heart because truth be told, while I may have grieved and forgiven and raged and grieved some more… I will never be over it.

I may heal and I may move on… but the loss and what it did to my family won’t fade away.

You see, divorce always leaves a scar.

” We had an amicable divorce,” we so often hear.

Are you kidding me? Have we really thought about the absurdity of that comment?

Oh, it may be amicable in that there are people who have it waaaay worse off than you do- fighting- manipulating- $100,000 battle- custody wars- but there is nothing amicable about lost hope- lost dreams- the death of what you thought would happen when  you stood there on your wedding day staring at the only one you  could imagine growing old with.

So I want to write.

I want to write about what that loss was like for me and those around me.

I write to those who are divorced or separated so that you may know, like really know,  that you are not alone because at times it feels so incredibly lonely. Utterly lonely.

I write to those who are not divorced so you can understand what your friends that are divorced or going through a divorce may be struggling with.

And lastly- my most favorite group to write to-  I write to those in the church because  as much as I love you all sometimes you guys say the craziest things thinking that you are being helpful and it’s really… like beyond beyond really…. NOT.

So that’s it.

I encourage you, dear sisters, to pass this series along to those who may need encouragement- need educating- and need a serious talking to.


4 thoughts on “Divorced (Part 1)

  1. I look forward to this series. Just what you wrote in this piece is exactly what I would have said too. You heal and move on but you are right the loss of the dream and the torn apart family always remain.


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