47 cents

It’s forty-seven

Forty-seven what?

The words didn’t even register.

Alex and I were returning a few pieces of clothes she had bought at Old Navy.

The week before I had sent her in with her older sister to spend the rest of her clothing allowance. This was a first for us- shopping without mom- but I was trying to multi-task and felt Brooke was old enough to over see the situation. Yeah… not my smartest move.

When we got home I had her give me a little fashion show.

“Mom… look, this is so cute!” she oozed as she twirled in front of me wearing a little dress, and I mean little.

I held my eyebrows high with a tight smile on my face, pretending that I loved what she had picked out. I mean, I didn’t’ want to break her little spirit and she was so excited about her new duds, but honestly, she looked like she was stuffed into baby clothes.

Come here love,  I motioned her over to me. I took a peak at the tag in the back.

Babe, this is a size 5… you wear a 10, love. 

“I know, normally I do, but this fits,” she exclaimed, so proud of herself, and she was off again, dancing in circles, the mini-sized dress barely covering her bum.

I know babe, I’m not saying we have to take it back, but let’s just see what else we can find. Which is mom-code for ‘This is soooo going back.” 

As predicted, we found a really cute outfit she liked even better. I even threw in few extra shirts we found on the sales rack to make her feel that she totally scored.

We made our way to the front counter and handed the gal our returns and the right-sized replacements. I handed her the two clearance shirts last. They were marked at $5.00 each, a total steal.

“Oh, these are on sale for $3.50 a piece.” the gal mentioned as she scanned them in.

Alex and I turned towards each other… wohoo, I shouted. Alex, that’s crazy good. 

” I know, Mom,” Alex squealed as  we high-fived each other. Okay, so clearly loves a good sale just like her mama.

And then I remembered the shirt that was tucked under my arm;

Here is one more, I mentioned, handing the shirt to the gal, I don’t think it was supposed to be in the clearance section because it’s really cute, like non-clearance cute, but it has no tag on it. 

The gal punched in the numbers from inside the shirt, then paused. She squinted her eyes and looked up at me.

“It’s forty-seven.”

Forty-seven… I asked, waiting for her to finish her thought. It’s like my mind went blank and I didn’t understand English.

“It’s forty-seven cents.”

Get out, I shot back, Are you serious?  I know, I know, but in these kind of moments we jus say the dumbest things; of course she was serious.

“Yeah… It’s forty-seven cents. Do you want it?”

Umm… yeah. What kind of question was that. 

I started laughing. Alex started laughing; “We hit the jackpot, Mom”

Yeah baby, we did. I mean you can’t even buy a pack of gum for forty-seven cents.

I told and retold the story to the other kids- to John- to my friends.

Forty-seven cents,Forty-seven cents, I kept shouting,  Can you believe it! I mean that’s unheard of.

Now, I know I tend to be a little on the dramatic side and you may be thinking ‘Its just a shirt, so what’… but it wasn’t just a shirt.

It was more than that. I spent that day and the next just thinking that it would never have dawned on my that forty-seven cents could buy a shirt, like ever.…and then it hit me;

Isn’t that a little of who we think about our God?

Oh, we may have come to expect his goodness and we are thankful. Yes, that’s our Lord. He gives good gifts. 

We may even have those moments where we have experienced his greatness. Lord, we have seen  how mighty you are.

But, dear sisters, it often stops there and it’s not until He totally blows our mind that we get a glimpse of how amazing, like insanely amazing, our God is. You see, our idea of  his greatness is only a fraction of what is able to do. That is magnitude of our God.

Think about His love and how He loves. He doesn’t love like we do. Our human  idea of loves doesn’t even come close to the intensity-the crashing- the flooding that comes with His love. One drop of His love and  you are never the same… never.

You aren’t.

You can’t be.

It’s that moment, right there,  when you get a glimpse of something beyond what you ever could have imagined…

There’s no way.

There’s no way.

It’s more than I could have hoped for.

He’s more than I could have ever hoped for.

That… that is what our God is like.


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