Blog vomit

It’s time. It’s time to write again.

I knew I needed to stop writing if I were to graduate this June. I had a nice little talk with myself and knew that all my energies needed to be put into finishing my thesis and studies if I were to graduate on time… and I did!! Whew.

Oh, did I miss this. I missed having a place to share my struggles and what I was wrestling with. I missed having a place to share the crazy lessons I was learning from my kids, you know the kind where you think you are in the middle of teaching them something amazing, like life-changing amazing, and they respond with a phrase that cuts you to the core, and in a split second- you realize you are the one who will never be the same, you are the one whose eyes were just opened. I missed this. I missed having a place to sort of my thoughts on divorce and dating and God (and God and dating… ughh that’s a tough one for me) and parenting and just being.

So, I will apologize now. There is so much I want to say, so much that comes to mind that it might, like vomit all out at once. Just sayin. So, take what you love, that speaks to you, that makes you feel encouraged-challenged- comforted- and toss the rest aside.

Doesn’t that make life much more simple when we do that? When we filter. We take what speaks to us, what feels like it was written just for us, as if to say, you are not alone, and we grab hold of those words placing them within our hearts, while we let the rest remain on the page. Because if we were to take them all, dear sisters, take all that we heard and try to absorb it all, there would be so little room for that which really mattered, that which brings life.

Oh dear sisters, sometimes I think the voices we hear, the words that we read, sometimes I think we take in way too many. Oh so many, that we can’t absorb what is the truth. So, choose, dear sisters, choose what brings life and let the rest fade away.

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