Look Bob, we’re famous!

Okay, maybe not famous… but honestly, Bob, thank you.

I was chosen to speak at my graduation and it was because of you. I received an email that I was nominated to ‘share my story’. My story? What story?  I remember thinking.  I met with the gal who had sent the email and she asked if I knew why I might have been nominated.

Did I have anything that stood out about my time while I attended Fuller School of Psychology, she wanted to know.

Ummmm, yep. I’m pretty sure there was something that stands out. 

It was you, Bob!

(you can listen to it here)

No, I am not thankful you decided to hang out with me, but I am grateful for what comes with you-a platform. A platform to share about life and love and God. While there is not much I like about you, I love what comes with you.

I love that life has more meaning. I breathe differently. I laugh more. I don’t stress as much, even though nothing has changed! My circumstances haven’t changed, but how I see them has. You did that, Bob.

I was asked to speak this October to a group of women down in Temecula.

Wow… I haven’t’ done that in like forever.

I asked what the topic was. “Women are Brave” The gal asked if that was something I could talk about.

Oh, sweet Jesus. Heck no! I don’t feel brave at all, like not one ounce.

I feel weak -tired maybe- but brave and strong… nope.

But even though I don’t feel very brave you, Bob, give me the story to share with women that bravery never feels ‘brave’ in the moment. In fact, the days may be so tedious- so incredibly painful- that brave is the last thing we feel like. Real bravery is only seen when we look back at where we have been and what we have walked through, in awe of  a God who must have traveled with us because even though we may not have felt him or seen him at the turn of every step, we walked through it and we are still standing. Sometimes, I want to turn to God and say, if there is anything in me that is brave, it is all you. You, dear Jesus, you make me brave. 

Bravery is being willing to look at the hot mess in our lives and deal with it rather than pushing it away because we are so ashamed. Bravery is making the time to have the hard conversations with a friend that easily could be forgotten in the business of life- the distractions. Bravery moves you  into a space that makes you uncomfortable.

In the uncomfortable moments of life we have a chance to be brave. 

You see, dear Bob, you have taught me to be brave by making me take one day at a time. You slowed me down. You pushed me to continue to look at that which needs pruning and reshaping in my life. You… you did this. And while I hate all the fears and pain that came with you, I am so ever grateful that my life is forever changed.

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