Oh the joys of growing up!


I rarely post pictures, but I had to because this captures us, my little team. Silly.  Goofy. I love that about them. They keep me young.

And while they are growing up, today… today it was mine turn. 

Today I got a new car. Well, not new new, but new to me which in my life is still insanely incredible. And it was a big deal. Like HUGE.

Even though my brother talked to the guys at the Toyota dealership ahead of time and got me a great deal, I did this alone.

Like all alone. I have never done that before… bought a car all by myself. No dad. No husband. Just me.

And being the mature woman that I am I kept texting my brother while I was there: ” I’m freaking out! I think I’m going to be sick. What do I do!! I this too low? Is this too high? Why am I signing so much stuff?”

It was like a was a young girl stuck inside a forty-one year old body.

It felt uncomfortable… and it felt uncomfortable because it stretched me.

And I didn’t like it… but it stretched me and I did it. I did it!

I walked out with my head held high and a little more umph in my step,having a nice little chat with myself, “Well, look at you go. You did this!”

I am starting to think, dear sisters, that we don’t do this enough. We don’t stretch ourselves enough! We stop short on life because we don’t move outside our comfort zone.

What is it? A missions trip you have always wanted to go but have reasoned away? I trip to the Azores? A job change or better yet, a career shift? Or is it simple; speaking your mind instead of staying silent? Surprising a friend with a basket of goodies on her doorstep? Talking with a strange when  you normally would pass by silently?

I am starting to think we live too comfortably.

Oh dear sisters, as uncomfortable as it is in the moment, the richness that sweeps in on the tails of such moments is priceless- breath taking- beautiful.

I grew up a little today, God.

 Inhale. Exhale.

That was me. That was you, God.

No… that was us and it was beautiful.

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