Update on Bob (Part 2)

I need to add something here.

A friend of mine sent me a message yesterday about a little girl who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She sent me over the post and I could just feel the heaviness of these parents as they shared with the world that their little girl had only months to live… a year if they were lucky. 

And it reminded me of what I didn’t say in my last post and that is while it’s incredibly hard to live with this tumor just hanging out, I am so grateful- unbelievably grateful- for where I am now. This could have turned out so differently and I know that.

I don’t know about you , dear sisters, but I have such a tendency to be all or nothing. Either totally grateful and singing God’s praises or not okay, not content, and the challenge to myself (and to you) is can’t we allow room for both? I mean, can we not create space to be thankful for what we have- the breathe we have- the food on the table- the new car- the roof over our head- the job- the friends and… AND… at the same time leave room for it not to be okay?

I am working on this, dear sisters, leaving room to hear both, leaving room for both joy and sorrow to co-exist. My heart seems more settled when there is space given for me to hear both.

Where the sorrow often comforts me, the joy lifts my face and makes my eyes dance with delight.

Oh Lord, I see you in both. I really do.

You are there.

In the joy.

In the sorrow.

You… are… there. 

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