India bound

I’m busting at the seams today!

I know when I get like this way too many words come spilling out, so I will keep it short.

When I think back to what life looked like ten years ago. Two babies, pregnant with a third. Married. Focused on my husband, children, and decorating my home. It seems almost surreal. Like a dream compared to what surrounds me now.

Do you ever have those moments, your own life appearing almost unrecognizable? 

I was texting with my ex-husband today. We mostly stick to the kid’s schedules and issues related to them, but today I couldn’t help but blurt out, texting; 

Got my visa!! I can’t wait to go to India!!! One month to go!

Scheduled  to leave at the beginning of August, my daughter and I are traveling to India, with a group of 6 of my colleagues,  to sight-see and to work with humanitarian workers in Mumbai and Kolkota and I am beyond excited. Did I mention I was excited?

He replied to my text quickly, ” If it was up to you, you would probably be living there permanently and have adopted 15 kids by now.” I laughed a little, then replied.

Ahhhh, yes. That does sound like me. It’s funny. I don’t even recognize my life anymore… For better and for worse. 

And he agreed.

There is a loss there. The loss of our life together. An intact family. But there is also incredible joy. Excitement. Newness. And there is room for both.

It all doesn’t make sense. I’m a single mom with a brain tumor for crying out loud and I am headed to India with my daughter, which is crazy awesome, getting a chance to do what I love, support/train humanitarian workers, which is even more awesome!

It is moments like these that I can only stand in awe of a God who write a story we could never imagine, who plays out a movie only He could write the script for.

I’m not saying it’s easy, dear sisters. Oh, it’s not for the faint at heart, but life with Jesus is one wild ride.

Hang on tight, dear sisters, it’s one wild ride. 

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