Alex’s observation

“Mom,” my youngest called while sitting in the front seat of our new car.

I heard her plea, but I didn’t respond. I was too busy swinging my head from side to side, making sure that I didn’t hit the, ummm, already crushed brick on the left of my driveway or trample over the grass on the right.

But she didn’t let up, “Maaaaam!,” she whined with attitude, a skill her old sister helped her perfect months ago.  

Hold on honey, I shot back. I can’t listen to you and get out of the drive way at the same time. (and I have the stories to back this statement up)

I finally made it towards the street and continued to crank my body every which way to make sure I didn’t hit a car or child or stray dog or  baby doll or  skateboard. (Oh, yes I’ve crushed two of those bad boys so far)

As I eased my way to the end and shifted into drive, I finally gave Alex the attention she was pining for. I turned towards her, my eyes meeting with a little face full of perplexity- bewilderment- her nose all squished up, one eyebrow perched much higher than the other. I couldn’t’ help but chuckle a little bit.

What??  I asked,  having not the faintest idea what had gotten into her.

“Mom, I don’t get you. You’ve had this car for two weeks and you have this amazing new thing (pointing to the screen that shows what’s behind you when you back up) and you never look at it,  like never. I have been telling you to look for the last two weeks because it’s so cool and it sees everything and you still don’t use it. I just don’t get it, mom. You have this here for you and you’re all excited and keep telling us  and anyone else who will listen to you how cool this thing is, but you never use it.”

Oh, I am convinced the youngest never acts their age, but rather a smaller version of the oldest, right?

But, she had a point.

I started to answer, but it sounded lame even as I said it; I know, but I’m not used to it . I have been doing this (mimicking my crazy body twists back and forth) my whole life. It doesn’t come naturally to me to look here even though it’s way easier and I can see so much more. 

Yeah, that did nothing for her. With a mild role of her eyes, the kind that she doesn’t get in trouble for, she quipped back as she looked out her window, “Well, it doesn’t make sense to me.”

Agreed, dear one, agreed. 

We finally made it dance. After getting her settled, I rode back to the house in silence. And I started thinking, dear sisters and misters, I think I do that in my life, keep doing the same old thing when what’s in front of me offers me something so much better.

I think I do that with God. Yes, God.

I talk about how real He is and that I believe in him and how incredibly amazing He is, but do I actually engage with him?

I talk about how He loves and am really good at telling others that our God loves unconditionally, but do I let Him love me like that? Do I just give it lip device or do I allow His love to flow over me and under me until I cannot stand anymore because I am so saturated in a love we don’t see very often on this earth.

It’s there, that I know, but do I take advantage of it?

I talk about his grace and how there is nothing that you can bring to him that he would not understand. I say that He will listen and cry with you and that He would not think any less of you for ANYTHING that you have done, but do I let him Him sit with me in that way?

It’s there, that I know, but do I take advantage of it?

I want you to see, dear sisters and misters, that this God draws here.

Yes, here. Not around. Not close by. Not even near. Here

He draws here, offering us so much more and we pass it up for what we know, what we have grown accustom to- what is comfortable.

And I wonder… I just wonder how different life would be if we started really living with Him. Interacting with Him. Accepting his love. Grabbing hold of his grace.

Oh, how our hearts would ease as we sit with a God that offers us a new way of doing life.

Sitting with a God that says,

You are never alone. 

I love you no matter what

You are never- never- alone

I could not love you more. 

You, dear one, you… are enough. 


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