Just to clear a few things up about girls

As I run around the house in my workout clothes this morning, I thought it necessary to clarify a few things.

When you see a girl in workout clothes, it doesn’t mean that she actually has worked out, even if she looks like she just completed a crazy hard cycling class.

Wrong. Dead wrong.

It’s quite possible she hasn’t been anywhere near a gym today and has no intentions of working out at any point throughout the day. 

Take today for instance, I just returned from a weekend away and I’m pooped, like totally exhausted. I woke this morning and just didn’t feel like getting dressed. So, I opted for workout clothes and a hat. No hair needs to be fixed (brushing is even optional).  I was extremely proud of myself that I brushed my teeth.

Yes, I am that tired.

It’s the perfect cover. I look liked I was dedicated to working out and being fit and I didn’t and don’t plan on doing a dang thing.

And here is another one. If you see a girl with a cute ponytail, all slicked back, nice and high swishing to and fro as she bounces by, it doesn’t necessary mean that she really wanted to wear her hair in a ponytail. This is mostly likely just day three. Day three as in Day one you wash your hair and it looks all voluminous and beautifully styled. Day two you add a little more hairspray and pull out the straightener or curling iron to pull off another great day… and then there is Day three. If you happen to be running around crazy and just don’t have time to wash your hair, you go for the pony tail. The added grease and oil of dirty hair adds to the perfect slick back look!

Let’s be real, dear sisters, some days we are just happy to be vertical with clothes on and we will take every shortcut we can!

Here’s to another day of being real, loving life, and laughing through it all!

4 thoughts on “Just to clear a few things up about girls

  1. Laughing as i sit in my work out clothes and hat. Haven’t exercised yet, and it’s 3:15 pm . Probably not gunna happen. I’m still working on getting vertical. Well said friend. Spot on.


  2. Love this!! Sooo true. And day three seems to be my go to look more days than not! Thanks for all of these posts. They’re great! And so are you for all you do 🙂


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