Torn- Part 2

So this is about when I really need to go to sleep, but as I finished my last post, I still felt a nudging, like I didn’t share the whole story.

The whole story…

I didn’t share that although I am challenging myself with these questions, I still know my God is loving.

I didn’t share that even when I am truly seeking Him- just his heart and not the control-  that even then when I may not know exactly which direction I am to take, He will not steer me wrong. It’s not like He is up there saying, “I am so disappointed in you for not taking the path I wanted you to, even though you were asking and I didn’t make it clear.”

Oh, we may not utter it out loud because we know it sounds silly, but we still think it at times, do we not?

I didn’t share that my experience with Him has taught me that He walks with Me through the easy paths and the hard paths, the ones I know where I veered far from where I was to be and others that I am not sure about. No matter where I am, he doesn’t leave. He doesn’t.

And what I have learned is that sometimes it’s not about the fork in the road, but who is traveling with you as you go. 

So although I am still in my state of begin torn, Africa or no Africa, I know no matter what I choose He will slip his arm in mine, smiling as he turns and whisper, “Keep going, dear one, keep going. I am with you all the way.”

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