crazy breeds crazy

Sometimes the craziness in my home just catches me off guard.

I find myself thinking, did I just get teleported to some kind of alternate universe?

Ever happen to you?

Take last Wednesday. The kids and I were sitting down for dinner. They were grabbing their napkins (aka paper towels because I don’t think I have ever bought a napkin in my life) and silverware and were headed to the table and our conversation went something like this. 

Hey guys let’s go over our agenda for the next few days. We need to talk about something. 

I had to let the kids know that we are going to be helping some friends and soon to be new neighbors move on Sunday.

And then right on cue, as if this seemed like a total normal thing to say, Jake steps in;

“Mom’s getting married”

Seriously. Like, really. 

Now keep in mind I am nowhere close to even thinking about marriage with anyone. I don’t even have a boyfriend for crying out loud.

But before I could step in and ask what in the world he was thinking, Brooke followed right on his trail;

“Oh my gosh, Mom’s pregnant.”

Okay, what? Are you out of your mind! and why in the heck are you talking about me in the third person?

I was still staring at her as she grabbed her drink and looks at me shrugging her shoulders,  as if to say, what? .

And as I sat stunned, still locking eyes with Brooke, Alex pipes up, shrieking with delight,

“Oh my gosh I am going to be a big sister!!!!” as she throws her hands in the air.

“Oh my gosh mom,” here eyes widen as if she just had the most brilliant idea pop into her mind,

“Can I name her Katy Perry? Can I name the baby Katy Perry?”

Katy Perry? What? Has everyone gone mad!

You guys are crazy, you know that, was all I could muster.

The older two were quite amused with themselves,  smiling slyly at each other.

“Wait, so I can’t name her Katy Perry,” Alex asked with sad eyes as if she thought for a moment I would be popping out a baby in the near future. No, my love, there will be no Katy Perry. 

This is why I love my gang. Never a dull moment.

As I relayed this story to a friend of mine, I flippantly remarked;  Can you believe them? They are total nuts.

“Of course they are,” he quipped, “They take after you. They’ve learned this from you.”

And I got to thinking, dear sisters and misters,  my friend was right. We breed. We ooze. . We are contagious whether we are aware of it or not.

So, I wonder, dear friends, what do we breed?

Are we breeding craziness- not taking ourselves too seriously with room for humor and silliness and being down-right goofy?

Is there room for our friends or our children or our spouse to be exactly who they are- completely unfiltered. Do we give space for that? Do we breed that?

Are we breeding compassion for others?

Are we breeding a soft response? What about working through conflict, what do we breed there?

You see, what I am learning as my gang is growing, heck as I am growing, is that it’s less about what is said and more about what is seen.



What is being passed down through our actions- our touch- our being?

So, I ask you, dear sisters and misters, what do they see- those around you- those that you love…

and those that you don’t even know are watching.

What is it that you breed?

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