We just finished our second day of the workshop and it still seems surreal that we are here, like in India, teaching what we have been intensely pouring over the last few years.

And the crazy part is that the girls attending are all over it. They are eating it up, like loving it all!

I think this was our biggest fear, that what we have found so incredibly helpful in America would not translate over to the work these women are doing in India. Plus, we had all the normal fears; Would the terms not make sense to them? Would the information be way too much and they would have difficulty grasping the concepts, or even worse, would they are already know this material and therefore it would be a waste of their time.

This last one was definitely y biggest fear. I mean, to give up not only a day but a full three days away from their work is a huge deal, like huge deal. Several of the gals told me how difficult it is to get away and when they do it really needs to be worth it for them. I know…. we felt that! Total pressure, right?

But, all I can say, dear sisters, is that God is here. The women work with several different anti-trafficking organizations. A few are close, while others needed to travel some distance to get here. There are only 13 girls because each organization can only spare one or two. One group will be having the girls that we worked with teach the rest of the organization at their next meeting.

How cool is that! But, isn’t that God, when it goes beyond yourself- the ripple- rippling out way further than you could ever reach on your own.

Some are social workers, others managers, all needing more tools to help these girls. We covered a day on trauma and spirituality/sexuality, a day on techniques and skill training (they loved this day and wished we could add an extra day or two of just this. Wohoooo!!!) and finished with self-care.

You see, when girls leave the brothels and the streets, they come with so many issues because of the trauma they have endured So when they leave and come to these homes or work stations (places where they can earn money to support themselves and their families) the real work begins.

There is so much about this conference that the women found healing and restoring. Heck, not just the women, but our whole team. I love when God does that- multi-tasks.

I have shed countless tears thinking of how I have this opportunity with my team to intertwine all that I love- teaching- psychology- prayer- worship- my daughter.

Ughh, I don’t want to go home Lord!. Yes, I miss my Alex and my Jake like crazy, but I love it here.

I don’t want to go home where I have to think about finances and schedules and budgets and events. I didn’t want to go home where I had to regularly text with  my ex-husband because we both parent our kids Yes, for my kids yes, but for me… for me. 

It was this thought that stopped me. Oh, wow. I didn’t realize how much I carried day to day, how much I dread…. Sometimes when we carry heavy burdens month after month, day after day, we get used to the weight of it and don’t realize how much we carry, right?

And it took being here to see that. To feel the lightness. To enjoy a few weeks off of my life.

I truly love being here. I love India. But, it wasn’t until just this moment that I realized that this trip was a way of taking care of myself, giving myself a break.

Funny, how in a place with so much heartache and pain I breathe lighter. My soul is lighter. I feel so full of purpose here and love.. Love for others. Love for myself.

Don’t we all need that, dear sisters, a break sometimes. Not a running away or avoiding, but a break- a shutting off of everything- a getting away.

I can’t tell you what it has done for my soul, this two weeks in India. I feel closer to God. Closer to my daughter. Closer to myself. closer to my God… for even with all of the loudness that is Kolkata, it is quiet in my soul.

Ahhh, dear sisters, it is quiet.


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