A thought while spinning

So I have taken to spinning,  as in bicycles that don’t go anywhere.

Ever since I broke my pelvis three years ago, it’s ben tough to run, so I have had to look for new ways to get my sweat on. Now, before you ask if I have tried Pilates or Yoga and how wonderful those are, let me say, No. Like, really no. 

I know they are amazing and good for you and strengthening, but no. I love to move. I want to hit something, swing something or move my body like I was riding up a hill, even though I am going nowhere. I’m a mover.

So spinning is a great fit for me.  I love to go when there is no class. It’s just me and a few stragglers.

I hopped on my bike this morning, and started to warm up my legs. I turned my music on and began to quietly sing along. Now, I am not a normal music listener.

Let me explain .

I get stuck on the same few songs and I literally kill them, playing them until the sound of them is repulsive to my ears.

Right now I am stuck on spanish music and I play the same five songs over and over again, so much so that I know most of the words. Now that might not be a big deal, except that I don’t know spanish.

So, there I was this morning sitting on my bike singing along and I had a very interesting thought.

To anyone passing by it sounds like I know spanish and loving my music, because I look like I am totally into this, as I kind of dance while I cycle.

Like the words are really moving me…

It sounds like I know what I am singing about. I look authentic. i act authentic,

but I know nothing… nothing. 

And then I wondered, dear sisters, how many times we spout christian talk, that we know the verses, know what to say and know how to act, so much so that any passerby or casual friends would believe that we know, truly know, what we are talking about. That we know this Jesus…

But, do we?

Do we understand what He is like? Do we know how much he loves us? Do  we understand what it means that He came for the mess- the broken. or are we too busy acting the part of perfect?

Just like when he met the woman at the well. He didn’t wait for her to clean herself up before He talked with her. He met with her and loved her right where she was.  And do we do that ? Do we approach others like that?

Do we understand what we talk about? What he is like?

Do we understand that his heart was for David, his favorite, a man who was a total mess- affair- manipulation- murder?

Do we really know how He loves and what that looks like?

Because if we don’t, dear sisters, then how will we know how we are to love others?

Oh, dear sisters, are we willing today to take a look at our own language and our own actions and see if perhaps, just perhaps, we are singing along to songs that we have no idea what they mean!

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