India aftermath

Well, our home has resumed to normal (at least until I leave for Uganda)… fighting, laughter, spontaneous dance parties, wrestling matches. It’s all back.

Life has definitely returned to what it was. Kids. Work. House. Dating. Juggling it all.

If I close my eyes I can still see India, but it’s starting to fade. We talk about it less and less and I miss it. 

Sometimes I will watch Brooke and wonder how the trip impacted her.  Watching her pour over her lap top or talk about her newest crush, I often think it did very little, but then she will come out with a comment that throws me.

Just last week she walked past me in the kitchen to turn on the sink and let out an “Ahhh”.

I turned towards her, wondering what the heck was going in. What?

She looked my way, as if forgetting that I was in the same room. Letting a smile slowly make its way across her face, she shook her head, “Oh nothing,  I was just happy that we have such a nice house and that our water is clean. ”

And then again at breakfast this morning, the kids have been, umm, a little whiney lately. (that is a TOTAL understatement) so I had them each sharing one thing that they were thankful for because I was freaking losing it.

When it came time for Brooke to share she shocked me. “I am thankful that I get to go to school because you guys, there are these kids in India that just roam the streets,” she shared, getting totally into it,  “their parents won’t even take them to school. So, I am glad that we can do that.”

Okay, that never happened before. Like never.

And of course I wanted to jump in. I had  sooooo much I wanted to say because this was the perfect segue into a fabulous teaching lesson on going to school and grateful hearts, but it’s like there was this still voice that reminded me that all I would do was ruin the moment. I needed to let her be the teacher. I needed to let her light shine. This was her story.

So, in a rare moment, I was quiet.

You see, dear friends, so often we have an experience and while we may have an initial reaction, whether good or bad, it often takes time to simmer.


And I saw this in Brooke. It’s taken time.

It takes time for layers of our experience to surface. Give it time, dear ones.

But, isn’t that just like our God, to take our biggest miracles- our darkest tragedies-  to take it all and let them percolate over the years, bringing new healing, bringing new insight, brining new understanding- new eyes- older eyes.

I love that about him, nothing is wasted. Nothing.

What does He has for you today?

Is it a situation that you thought was already buried and stored away… is there something else, something new, He has to say about that?

Is it a beautiful experience you had that He wants you to revisit.. reminding you of how He saw you and provided for you?

There is more in store, dear sisters, He is at work. He is always at work.

He loves you too much to ever stop.


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