Mom, what’s wrong with the bunny?

“Mom, what’s wrong with the bunny”….

One of my favorite stories from my crazy childhood. By the time my youngest sister joined our family life was already in full swing. As if five children was not enough madness my parents bought us bunnies one Easter, which us three older girls were delighted to baby.

So when my very active- like bounce off the walls active- brother “accidentally” killed my sister’s bunny while she was at school….

“Wait, did you say, killed her bunny?”

Yes, it was an accident. He took it out while we were at school and as the story goes, he was chasing it around the house and the thing just like stopped and pulsed a little and fell over from a heart attack. Clearly the bunny was no match for my 25-year-old brother.

Kidding. Totally kidding! 

He was six.

Now, back to the story. So when my mother saw that my brother had “accidentally” sent our beloved bunny to heaven she was smart enough to know that if my sister learned that my brother was behind the early demise of her pet, she would be chasing him around the house in hopes of ending his life as well .

So, she did what every other smart and creative mother would do. She put the bunny back in the cage. Grabbing a few sticks from the ground, she propped up its front legs so that it looked, ummm, like it was just deep in thought, pondering what bunnies so often ponder. Pure  genius, mother… pure genius. 

Arriving home from school,  we ran to the cage as usual to over-smooch and smother our little creatures. My sister just stared at the cage.

She cocked her head to the side… it looked like her baby but something just wasn’t right.

“Maaaam, what’s wrong with Sugar? (yeah, that’s the kind of name you get when a eight-year-old names the bunny). She’s not moving,” her face full of horror and confusion.

“I don’t know babe,” my mom expressed, joining us at the edge of the cage. Slick, mom, very slick, playing dumb. I seriously need to take notes from my mother… 

Slowly but surely, we realized our beloved Sugar was gone. And like any good mother, we actually didn’t find out it was at the hands of my brother until a few years ago… a few years ago!!!

and you wonder where I get all my craziness from…

So, why am I telling you this story?

Because, dear sisters, as I was sitting with the Lord this morning He brought this story to mind. This silly story of mine. He seemed to be pointing out… speaking to me through this movie clip that played in my head.

“Do you see, dear one,” He gently offered, as I closed my eyes focusing on the sad little guy all propped up looking as cute as could be but not moving.

No movement. None at all.

“There are so many that are dead inside. Oh, it’s hard to see at first, because they are all propped up on that which give them the appearance that all is well. Wealth. Beauty. A smile.”

“Everything is just fine…” they say, yet all awhile they are dying inside.

Dying. Empty. Empty. Numb.

And they know it…

It was as if I could hear Him, my Jesus…

Oh, dear one, tell them they are not meant to live this way. They were not to be propped up, looking as if they were living but hollow inside.

Not feeling. Not moving. Not breathing.

 I created them to live. Live. Living life to the fullest. They were made to feel. Feel. 

To breathe.

So, dear sisters, that is my message for you today.

Are you feeling empty? Dead inside? Numb? Do you have a friend that needs to hear this today? A loved one? One that is all propped up but not living?

Dear sisters, you were not meant to live this way! This is not what He made you for!

I beckon you to Him. Let Him breathe life into you again. Let Him.

Let him nurse you back to health. Let Him.

Let him hold you in the palm of His hand. Cradle you. Rock you. Remind you of all that He has in store for you. Let Him.

Let him whisper quietly in your ear words of comfort. Words that let you know you are seen.

You are seen, dear one. 

Let today be the day you hear Him….. Hear Him say to you,

You dear one, are my beloved and I will tend to you.

Let Me. Let Me nurse you back to health.

Let Me restore life. Let Me…

Breath deep, dear one. Breath deep…

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