A letter to the boys on Jake’s football team…

Hey boys,

I am sure some of you would recognize me as Jake’s mom. Yeah, I am the crazy one always shouting at the top of the bleachers. That’s me.

I have something important I need to say to you, so hear me out.

But, before I get to that,  you guys rocked your game against Loyola High School this weekend. I mean, this was you…


 and this was them…


like ten times the guys you had… and you guys were ahead until the last quarter. And even though you didn’t win, I am so proud of you. You were fighters. You rallied to the end, even though you were out all three quarterbacks.

But this is not the reason I write to you.

I need to say something else and I want you to hear me.

I need to say I am sorry…

I am so sorry…

I learned that their players called you guys “niggers” through-out the whole game.

I learned that when one of  you got kicked out for throwing a punch it was because you were being called a “nigger”… and I can barely breathe as I write this. Oh my heart aches so, thinking of what that must be like. I weep even as I write this.

At first I was shocked,

What? You’re kidding, right?  I asked Jake after the game. I couldn’t wrap my head around this.

This still happens? 

“Almost every game,” Jake shared, eyebrows raised a little, cuz he knew how wrong it was.

Not Maranatha High School? ,  I asked, having a hard time believing players from schools like Loyola and Maranatha- Christian/Catholic schools- would be uttering such words.

“Yep,” he added.

Boys, I want you to know I spent the remainder of the weekend heart-broken, in tears that you still have to endure this and I am sorry. I am so sorry. 

I am so sorry that you are treated this way for something you have no control over, for something that has no bearing on your value or your worth.

This should not happen. It shouldn’t.

Even if you have grown accustomed to hearing such things.

Even if you are okay with it now.

Even if you think it shows weakness to respond.

It shouldn’t happen. IT SHOULDN’T HAPPEN. 

And I am sorry. I am sorry that you have to go home with those words ringing in your ears. I am sorry that you have to absorb that.

I know it looks like those boys have all the privilege- the wealth- the education- the advantage- but do not be fooled, for their souls are empty. They are the ones who are impoverished. Empty. Bankrupt.

I know I can’t’ even begin to imagine all that you must still endured because of the color of your skin. I can’t…

but what I can do is stand up- stand with you- even though I am not a minority or underprivileged- I can stand with you and say this isn’t right.

I can do what is in my power. I can speak out.

I have emailed the schools, these christian schools, not to demonize them for I know they do many good things and I don’t discount that, but rather to bring  to light that boys, a group of boys, who represents their school have acted this way.

That is all.

I just wanted you to know… I see you.

I see what happened…

and I will not stay quiet.


Jake’s mom



2 thoughts on “A letter to the boys on Jake’s football team…

  1. A few years ago my daughter was playing on the Maranatha basketball team when I heard one of the moms from another private school stating that MHS had gone to the jungle. That the jig-a-boos had really brought down the school…etc. I was horrified!! However I went up to the mom and calmly and politely told her that the girls could hear her and she should stop!

    What surprised me is that the parents from that mom’s school thanked me for having said something as they were too afraid. WHAT?!?! How can you be afraid to stand up for what is right?

    SO good job for standing up for what is right! I am sorry too! So sorry that more parents haven’t made this right by standing up!


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