My conversation with the Lord

Lord, I feel that am I to keep writing, but I am not sure what I am to say…

Just start writing, dear one, and see what flows out. (Lord)


What pours out of me… 

A love for people, but not just because they are people. A love knowing they are your children, that they are yours. A desire to give them a glimpse of how you love them.

So, it’s as if you want to give me skin. (Lord) 

Yeah. When you put it that way. Yes. But, I’m not you..

Right, you’re not me, but when you give me room, then I can come as if I am slipping on your skin and love people. 

Something like that.


Yes, Lord.

What do you think that people would say if they knew that the love you bring isn’t yours at all, that when they feel intensely loved by you it is really me- My love- My heart- for My children. 

I think there would be some that it would pierce, that would feel something deep within their soul and know, truly know, that it was you.

And then there would be others…

Yes, the others. What do you think they would do?

I think they would reject me. They would reject love or care if they thought it was coming from you.

That is right. Do you know why they do this?

I do not.

They do this because they have been hurt. They have been hurt by others. They have been hurt by churches. They believe that I could not possibly love them in the way they feel loved by you. 

Why? Wouldn’t they see what you were like and know they are mistaken?

It goes much deeper than that. For some acknowledging and accepting my love means that they would have to give up how they have come to see me. It also means that they would have to address the pain they have worked so hard to forget. Disappointment. Abandonment. Rejection. 

That makes sense.

Child, love them anyways. 

Love them with my love.

Oh,there will be those that are open to hearing about me, who I am and what I am like and how I see them. Share. Share with them.

And for those that are not.. love them anyways. 

Give it freely. Do not be stingy. Give it to all. For I love all.

My desire is for not one to perish.  My desire is for not one to be outside of my love.

Hear me clearly on this, there is no sin that I can not break through. There is not a single act that would stop me for extending my love to my children. 

So, dear one, continue to love.

Love them with your hands. Love them with your laughter. Love them with your eyes.

Let them know they are seen. Let them know they are heard. Let them know that their life matters. And when they reject the idea of me…. love them always. 

Love them anyways. Just love. 

Yes Lord.

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