I have a question for you

Dear sisters,

I have no introduction, no explanation except that I feel so very strongly that I am to share this with you, this heart cry that just came pouring out tonight.

This is for you…

Do you know Him?

Do you know this Christ you claim to follow?

Do you know what He is like?

What He sounds like? His humor? His attitude? The sound of his voice…

Do you know…

so much so that when you hear something- a tone- words- a sense, your body “alerts”,  as if recognizing your very own child.

Ahhhh, there He is. That is my Lord. He is here…

Do you know Him like this?

Do you recognize Him in a crowd?

Does a speaker or a friend or a stronger or a child utters words that you instantly know to be from Him because there is something so familiar?

They are familiar.

They are known.

The way a smell can instantly take you back to a memory-a scene- long forgotten.

In an instant. Boom. You are there.

Do we experience Him like that?

Can a scent jog our memory? Can a soothing word bring rise of a memory- a moment- of sweet intimacy  between you and your Lord?

Oh, to remember the way He held you while you cried. To remember how He joined you in your pain. 

Do you know Him like that? 

Oh sisters, do you know Him?

Does your heart ache when you have spent too little time with Him and you miss Him… you are simply missing Him.

And, not out of obligation or duty, but because you simply miss Him, you long to be near Him.

Do you know Him like that?

It’s the question that rarely  gets asked.

It’s the question not asked because the answer is assumed and unstated.

But in the midst of this moment. In the midst of this season.

Will you be so bold- so daring- so brave- as to ask yourself this question once again.

Do… you… know Him?

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