Well, that was short lived

I had just settled into writing anonymously and I loved it.

Well, I kinda loved it.

I loved that I could share what I often had to leave out… but something interesting happened. 

What was pouring out of me were old hurts. Hidden hurts that I never could voice. And the more I wrote the more I found myself living out of that place of hurt instead of where I am right now.

Yep, I started digging up old poop. Old poop, I say!

And there I was stomping around in it because I was writing about it. And you know what, I started to stink!

Isn’t that funny, dear sisters, how sometimes we forget where we are and what we have learned and find ourselves living out of and speaking out of old fears and wounds?

It was during a pray time with the Lord that I felt him stirring in me to drop it.

Drop it.

Just close down the anonymous blog and walk away.

And something in me agreed.

You’re right, Lord. There is too much goodness and joy and life where I am right now to give so much space to old stuff. 

So, dear sisters, I will continue to write- write as me- write where I am right now.

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