Pure Bliss


Oh dear sisters,

I must share.

I found myself in the car yesterday, going through the drive-through at Starbucks.

They just put in a drive through about 2.75 blocks from my house. It’s quick and it’s close. . . Dangerous. Just totally dangerous.

It was one of the rare moments I had no one in the car. Silence. 

I almost don’t know what to do with myself when it is that quiet.

Cherished golden silence.

I had ordered my drink. The same drink I order every time.

Nonfat chai tea latte. Extra hot.

You have to have the ‘hot’. That way you can take your time sipping it and it never hits that awful luke-warm “you don’t taste half as good as when I started” point.

Brilliant, right?

As I inched towards the counter I found myself getting a little gitty.

Now, I’m sitting in the car all by myself. No music. Creeping forward and I have this huge smile on my face. I was so excited to get my hands on my drink, like really way more excited than anyone should be over a drink.

I quickly paid as I set my eyes on grasping the white and green cup I have come to know so well.

I methodically slipped off the lid and lean in close, letting my eyes fall shut as I inhale in,the scents of spices and milk filling much more than my nostrils. Cozy. Warm.

I felt so Christmassy all over.

I started to laugh at this little moment of mine.

What the heck, girl? Why all of this over a quiet moment to myself with a coffee?

And then I realized. This wasn’t really about the latte. In fact, it wasn’t about drinking at all. It was about creating a little moment for myself that was pure bliss.

Pure utter bliss.

And it was my moment.

I dint’ have to think about anything. Nothing. Zip.

Like hitting a pause on life.

You see, dear sisters, we need moments like these. The little ones.

The pauses in between life.

They allow to us to slow down. Appreciate another breath. Appreciate delight and goodness and those small little inconsequential things, like say a non-fat chai tea latte, that we love.

It is the little moments that fill up our tank and keep us going until the next “big break” we get. In fact, I would venture, dear sisters, that we are better mothers and sisters and friends and lovers when we carve out time for these little pockets of bliss.

For how much better can we give, when we have something to give from.

Pouring in so that we can better pour out.

Pouring in. Pouring out.

So what is your bliss?

A song.

A drink.

A kiss.

A mini-nap.

An old picture of you as a child.

A decadent morsel.

A love note.

A verse… written just for you.

What makes you feel alive? What makes your smile spread so quickly across your face, your eyes dance at even the thought of it?

What causes you to bubble up and spill over, rippling gloriously onto those around you?

Let us not forget, dear sisters, to love life. To cherish the fact that today- today- we have breath in us to enjoy these precious moments of pure bliss.


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