No Blow Dryer Required

This week I am working in Managua, Nicaragua.

I love working here.

I feel the same whenever I travel to third world countries.

It resets me.

Reminds me.

Reminds me of what counts. Reminds me of what is important.

There is something about taking a break from routine.

All that we do. All that we don’t do.

I strip down when I travel.

My body. My soul.

I take as little as possible. One backpack. No extras. Rolled clothes. One- two pairs of shoes if I am lucky. No product. No product for hair- face- body… and no blow dryer.

Yes, no blow dryer. (insert cringe here)

I will be really honest, this was hard for me at first, but now I look forward to it.

Today my hair dries quickly, the air hanging with heat and laced with a dampness left over from the rains of the night before.

It’s wild and free flowing. Like my soul, it feels alive.

I like my hair here. It doesn’t look like it does at home. I don’t look like I do at home.

There is something about running free for a bit, isn’t there, dear sisters? Don’t we crave it at times?

I remember having a talk with my sis about this not long ago.

We were talking about the movie Brave.

“She’s so whiney,” my sister, quipped as we were mid-discussion about our favorite Disney characters.

I scrunched my nose, Merida?, I questions as if I know her personally , No way.

She’s passionate and fierce and I love her hair. She might be my favorite, or at least my number two behind Mulan.

(I know, I know… I see the pattern here. I gravitate towards the butt-kickers of the group).

“I think you like her because she’s like you,” was my sister’s blunt retort.

I let that one sit for a minute and a smile spread across my face as I pictured myself as a child. Wild hair. Reckless abandonment. Afraid of nothing…. Except the dark.

Maybe that is why I like her so much.

I love that part of me. Brazen. Bold.

I think about this as I trot up and down the hill here at LA Villa, with my untamed hair blowing around me, my Brave heart soaring just as high.

I keep asking God if I can have crazy wild hair in heaven. I ask Him if I can still have this passion and fiery spirit that makes me feel alive.

Oh dear sisters, my prayer for you is that wherever you are, whom ever you are with, that you will discover times in your life where you feel stripped down and free. Alive.

Alive with passion.

Alive with the Holy Spirit.

Alive with love

2 thoughts on “No Blow Dryer Required

  1. Inspired and filled up from this post !! Makes me want to plan a trip – and live free for a few days!!!!!

    Thank you – you are touching lives and hearts that you don’t even know .


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