Chasing Shade


I was riding home today after a long day at the camps (shown above),  just staring out the window, reflecting on all that had transpired over the day. Thoughts streamed in and out seamlessly until my tired mind just fell into a lull, matching the rhythmic movements of the bus.  Continue reading

A post to those who are tired

Dear sisters (and misters… this has been the request),

I want to write to those of you who are tired- tired of being brave or strong or carrying on, and to those who have a friend in this place.

Yes, in fact, I write particularly to you… you who are seeing this from the outside.  Continue reading

Divorced (Part 1)

You know how you feel something just start welling up inside of you and even when you try to push it aside, it just keeps coming back, like that nagging person that won’t leave you alone.

Well, that’s what’s been happening lately.

I have been feeling this push inside of me, like I need to start writing a few posts on how divorce has impacted life- my kids- my parents- my family- my heart.

Divorce. Continue reading