The gift of Grace

was scrambling this week. There was just too much kids and too little me.

Mom,  I pleaded on the phone,  I’m not going to make it to pick up Alex from dance. Can you grab her? I’m stuck in Pasadena picking up Brooke. 

She saved the day, grabbing my youngest and bringing her home. We had arrived home at about the same time.  I gave my youngest a quick squeeze and then turned to give my mama a “you totally saved me today” gi-normous hug.

“Oh honey, I love your hair, ” my mom gushed. Continue reading


When the soap just won’t come out

I caught myself today…

it was quite funny. I had just finished my workout and I had gone into the women’s restroom to umm, use it, and while I was in there my mind was just kinda wandering.

Does that ever happen? Like you are there, your body is there, but you are not? I hate it when I catch myself doing this, because usually I am so not there that I look like a half crazy woman having a conversion with absolutely no one.  I hate that!

So I was gone. I went through the motions, my mind still working out some stuff that I was dealing with in therapy the day before. Continue reading

One of my favorite moments in therapy…

This is by far one of my favorite moments when I was seeing a therapist and it went something like this:

Therapist: So, it sounds like you felt like you didn’t fit into your family when you were growing up. (typical shrink question, right?)

Me: Yeah, I didn’t. But, I’m pretty sure it was my issue. I was kinda a train wreck.

Therapist: What do you mean a train wreck?

Me: Well, I was unpredictable and emotional. By the time I got to college I was pretty rebellious and a little bit of a loose cannon.

Therapist: You know you just smiled when you said that. (I hate it when they are so observant)

(chuckling a little)

Me:  I think that’s because I have mellowed quite a bit. Life has a way of doing that to you, but I still see that in me.

Therapist: You mean, rebellious and a loose cannon.

Me: Yeah, but in a good way.

We sat quietly for a little bit. I was flooded with memories of my antics over the years. I giggled to myself as I recollected on how feisty I was, even as a little girl.

Therapist: You know, I get the feeling that you really like that you are a little bit of a loose cannon.

Silent. More memories. Silent.

(slowly nodding, my mouth widening into a soft grin)

Me: I think you are right. I really do.

Inhale acceptance. Exhale contempt

I had finally made peace with who I was.


And that dear sisters, is the moment I realized there was no mistake in the way He made me.

For where He has placed me, for what He has called me to do… I was beautifully and wonderfully made.