Humans of New York



So I’m slightly obsessed with the Human of New York page on Facebook. I think it’s my love of story. My love of life. It allows me little pockets into lives I will never know.

Some make me smile. Others are simply amusing. My favorites are those that move me to tears, tears of the beauty that I see or the ache of a pain I know well.

Every now and then I run across one that sticks with me, like this one above. There was something about it. It spoke to me. I can’t tell you what it was, but this feeling just hit my gut, something deep within me. Depth. A depth my eyes couldn’t see, but my heart could feel. Continue reading

A post to those who are tired

Dear sisters (and misters… this has been the request),

I want to write to those of you who are tired- tired of being brave or strong or carrying on, and to those who have a friend in this place.

Yes, in fact, I write particularly to you… you who are seeing this from the outside.  Continue reading