Well, I still have a pulse…

Dear sisters, I have a favor to ask.

I am asking that you share the next post I write, for no other reason that the only way change occurs is for us to stand up and say, An injustice has occurred. This is wrong.

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My Day in the Brothel- When God Speaks (Part 3)

There was no one left and I was tired.

Feeling emotionally drained yet so incredibly loved, I slowly walked back over to John’s office.

He saw me walk in, “Just one more, “ he said. Uh, really.

I mean, I loved this, but it is very emotional and I was drained and was feeling a little faint. I smiled and nodded my head, I mean how many chances do I have to do this?

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My day in the Brothels-And then God decides to show up (Part 2)

And then God decides to show up (Part 2)

We made our way into John’s office where we were joined by other staff members, sweet girls  and one young man, whose names I will hold close.

He turned to me, explaining that today we would begin with a small devotion time, 5-10 minutes and then they will prayer over me and I would go with one of the staff members to walk and prayer through the brothel.

Nice. A plan. Structure. I love it. Did I mention I love agendas, like love love love agendas? They make me so happy. I know, crazy right?   Continue reading

What if we made room

This is a little something that I scribbled down a few weeks ago. I have a habit of doing this- scribbling. There are moments that I find myself overwhelmed with emotion. I have learned if I stop and pause life- sit on a bench, pull my car off to the side of the road, lock myself in the closet- words begin to pour out of me.

“I don’t have time to just pull over to the side of the road,” you may retort and I, completely understanding that life doesn’t always work that way, would nod in agreement. “I know,” I would argue back, “but if we never leave space then we are cheating ourselves out of all the goodness that lies underneath. Loving ourselves begins with leaving room to learn who we truly are.”

I wonder what would happen, dear sisters, if we made room for what was simmering underneath…

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