What label do you wear…

Severely disfigured….

There it was, scribble across the top of my medical chart read. I remember that as if it were yesterday, although I was only 16 at the time.

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Alex’s observation

“Mom,” my youngest called while sitting in the front seat of our new car.

I heard her plea, but I didn’t respond. I was too busy swinging my head from side to side, making sure that I didn’t hit the, ummm, already crushed brick on the left of my driveway or trample over the grass on the right.

But she didn’t let up, “Maaaaam!,” she whined with attitude, a skill her old sister helped her perfect months ago.   Continue reading

My so-called crazy life

I can’t even begin to describe this week. You know, sometimes we have weeks that are calm and smooth and everything goes as planned aaaand sometimes we don’t . They are crazy and chaotic, and then there are these rare ones that don’t’ even fit in chaotic. Like, you past chaotic a few days ago cuz they are just plain nuts.

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This was me today… and this is what my mom did.



Yep. This is exactly what I felt like today. Done.

Yesterday was bursting at the seams. My day didn’t end until well past ten o’clock, only to have to wake up to another jam-packed day. Now, I am not feeling sorry for myself  because I’m the one packing it, but with school, seeing clients and three kids I sometimes just want to scream. Scream that I seriously need like three of me. Scream that I am the luckiest girl that I get to be exactly where I am. Or maybe just scream because it feels so stinkin good to just scream for no reason. (you really have to try this)

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The celebration continues!

photo 3

photo 2

I was running late to school. My professor knows that I’m always a few minutes late because I have to make my rounds with my gang… quick kisses and prayers and out they go. I try to make sure I don’t start driving away until their bodies have completely left the vehicle. It’s been close a few time. “Maaaahm. I’m not even out.” I squish up my face and offer a half grin, “Sorry love.” Oh they give me so much grace. Continue reading